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The Pronto Club

For amazing deals on plumbing for your home or business, join The Pronto Club. We offer additional services and exclusive savings only to our Pronto Club members. Get ahead on your plumbing needs by asking about our memberships today!

24/7 On-Call Help

We'll answer your calls 24/7. Get service outside the regular work day (8am to 5pm) with a Pronto Club membership.

Priority Service

We make your call our first priority. When you have an emergency, your call gets placed at the top of our job list. A plumber will be on their way as soon as possible, day or night. This service is exclusive to Pronto Club members.

20% Discount

Enjoy 20% off each service (after the dispatch fee) as a Pronto Club member. That means 20% off every repair, installation, upgrade, or remodel that we do for you. Of course, these awesome savings are reserved only for Pronto Club members.
PLumbing Inspection—emergency plumber in the Columbia Gorge

Whole House Plumbing System Inspection

Another Pronto Club perk is an inspection of your entire home's plumbing. This means that all the toilets, faucets, piping, and any other item that uses plumbing in your home will be checked for leaks and proper operation. From the bathroom to the kitchen and laundry room, we'll inspect all your piping and drains to ensure optimal performance. This $250 investment comes free when you join the Pronto Club.
Plumbing Repair—emergency plumbing services in the Columbia Gorge

Maintenance and Repair Plan

Based on your home inspection, we'll put together a maintenance and repair plan for you to help you get things fixed. Making necessary repairs and properly maintaining systems can help reduce the risk of damage in your home. You will also receive 20% off on all the work we do!
Contact us at (509) 493-1124 or (541) 387-6767 to have our experts handle all of your sewer, drain, faucet, and toilet needs.